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International Missions

RiverWalk Church of Christ helps support missions in Russia,

Cambodia, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Arkasha & Natasha Lezhnina   |  Barnaul, Russia

Following the return of Zach Bolton, who grew up in our congregation and whom we supported as a missionary in Barnaul, we continue our involvement with the church in Barnaul through the full-time support of the husband & wife team of Arkasha & Natasha Lezhnina. In addition to providing support for Arkasha and complimenting his ministry, Natasha is very involved with the youth and girls. Every summer, she helps plan and implement camps for children and youth.

In her own words, they try “to do everything possible to show those kids there are people who care and there is a God who loves them very deeply.”

Natasha’s husband, Arkasha, graduated from a preacher training school in Barnaul and is being supported by RiverWalk in his work. He also teaches and works along with Natasha in venues such as summer camp, work in an orphanage, etc. Arkasha also does work with addictions through the Celebrate Recovery program. As a team, they are able to accomplish much for the kingdom of God. We are pleased to provide continuing support for this couple as they labor for the Kingdom.

Eight Oaks – Ghana

In late 2013, a couple with roots at RiverWalk went to Ghana, Africa to help rescue eight girls from slavery in the fishing industry on Lake Volta in Ghana. Landon & Kate Loftin worked with those eight girls through the grassroots organization Eight Oaks, started and maintained by local high school students. They have recently returned to the USA, and a replacement couple has been sent to Ghana to continue the work.
We provided substantial support for Landon & Kate during their time there, and will continue to provide monetary support for one of the eight girls in this coming year, continuing to work with Eight Oaks.

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Victor Udohabasi  |  Nigeria

Victor began work with the RiverWalk Church of Christ in July 1996, when we were still called the Central Church of Christ. Being a graduate of the Preaching School in southern Nigeria, Victor made the move to northern Nigeria with his family. Part of the perils of this leap of faith is that the area contains 64 different tribes and 14 different ethnic groups, as well as many different languages to overcome and the fact that it is predominately controlled by Muslims. Victor has moved down to the south to work primarily there.


 He has placed Joseph, a former Muslim, in the north to continue the work there and visits there as he can and the political situation allows. Victor also continues to baptize new souls regularly through his work in a wide variety of venues. He is now working with Albert and Ime in the South, and is also providing support for three students in the preaching school. Many new congregations have been established, as well as new church buildings having been constructed. Victor also works with the World Bible School, writes his own literature, and distributes those materials as well as make contact with WBS students.

Victor’s influence for the Kingdom is being seen through his continuous preaching of God’s Word and his genuine concern for lost souls. RiverWalk provides total support for Victor and his helpers Joseph, Ime, and Albert, and also helps support the men in the preacher school as they continue the work.

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