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Teen's Ministry

If you are in 6th – 12th grade, we invite you to be part of the Teen Group of
RiverWalk Church of Christ.

Riverwalk is pleased to have C. J. and Alaina Gilkey as co-ministers to our teens and children.  As a husband-and-wife team, they take a wholistic approach to family ministry that seeks to involve the entire family in the journey of discipleship.  C. J. is a native of Wichita and was born and raised in the churches of Christ.  His parents were a primary influence in his walk of faith.  C. J. will readily admit he did not grow up in an ideal environment, but because of the challenges he has faced, he feels he is better equipped to minister to teenagers.  These experiences have formed and shaped his character and how he approaches ministry.  


C. J. has been in youth ministry for a number of years.  He completed his training at the Sunset International Bible Institute and has been ministering here at Riverwalk since May of 2021.  C. J.’s philosophy of ministry is rooted in the fact that spiritually healthy youth ministry is the result of spiritually health families.  If families are spiritually healthy, then youth ministry naturally thrives.  C. J.’s goal is to help promote spiritual growth and maturity with teenagers and their families.  

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C.J. Gilkey

Youth and Family Minister

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